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Recent developments in Hong Kong
05.06.2020. The recent developments in Hong Kong are being followed with great concern by the German-Chinese Association – Friends of Taiwan.

The principle „one country, two systems“, established in the Chinese-British Declaration in 1984, is bound to fail, if China should implement the new Hong Kong Security Act.
When the United Kingdom returned Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China had committed itself to granting wide-ranging autonomy to the Special Administrative Region until 2047. This includes, among others, freedom of speech, freedom of press as well as the freedom of assembly and association.

In contrary to this agreement, Chinese security forces are now to exercise authority instead of the Hong Kong Police. The content of the proposed law is vague, giving leeway for the Chinese government and security agencies to act arbitrarily. However, the measures are not only posing a threat to the citizens of Hong Kong, but also for foreign nationals residing.

We are demanding that the rights that were granted to Hong Kong are respected – without restrictions. We are encouraging the German government to continue to express its positions distinctly and to use the planned EU-China Human Rights Dialogue in order to support human and civil rights and the rule of law. The German government should promote a common, strong EU position.

Once again, this example shows very clearly that for Taiwan the principle of „one country, two systems“ – as propagated by the People’s Republic of China – is no option. Dispensing the term „peacefulness“, which was generally used in the context of reunification, in a speech given by the People’s Republic Prime Minister Li a few days ago is a further step towards an escalation. This, too, should serve as a wakening call for the international community.