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Solidarity for the rally for human rights and democracy
28.09.2019. Solidarity for the rally for human rights and democracy

On the occasion of the rally for human rights and democracy in Berlin and worldwide, as chairwoman of the German-Chinese association – Friends of Taiwan I would like to express our sympathy and support for Hong Kong.

We live in a world where authoritarian leaders escalate their efforts against free and liberal democratic systems. We face these problems all over the globe, be it in Europe, in the United States of America, in Brazil or in Asia. The opponents of free societies are using a strategy of using direct threats or manipulation or repression of the press and social media to undermine democracy. Governments are also not afraid to let disappear activists or unwelcome people in London, Berlin, Moscow or Hong Kong.

If we don’t rise up to the challenge, these tendencies will grow and slowly but surely diminish our liberty. There were so many promises made that were not kept. Where is Hong Kong's autonomy? Where are free elections?

Everybody should know, today it is Hong Kong, tomorrow it could be Taiwan. And it will not stop there!

Taiwan is at the front line of this confrontation. Its wealthy and free democratic state is a steady thorn in the side of every authoritarian regime. Taiwan is a symbol that democracy is not just for the people in the West but for every human on earth.

The People's Republic threatens democracy, human rights and independence not only in Hong Kong, but also in Taiwan and the whole the region. It is important that we Democrats stand together and show our support.

An attack on the civil rights and freedom of the people in Hong Kong is an attack on all of us! This is why we have to stand together!